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Serial production or pure originals? We can do both

We produce standard types and models in Brno in large quantities, i.e. at reasonable prices with quick delivery. Or would you like something special? We are open to your ideas and can customize colors, shapes and dimensions for specific projects. Or we can work with you to think up something completely new.

Popular LED downlight, hundred of which are delivered every year. These mighty midgets are highly reflective, and when turned on high can light the entire restuarant by themselves.

Original work created by our designers based on the concept of the architect.

The restauraunt is lit to 200 lux, as required by the customer. At the same time, it is possible to dim all the lights at once or each one individually to create atmosphere.

We work on large projects

We've been in business for over ten years and have delivered hundreds of thousands of lights. We've illuminated the largest office complexes in Ostrava, Prague, Moscow and other cities. We cater to the special desires of investors and tenants.

Automatic or manual remote switching or dimming.

Spaces not frequently used by employees or the public are equipped with motion detectors. Lights only turn on when they are actually needed. Savings: 25-45% depending on the type of space and momentary use.

We illuminated 16,400 m2 of office space to 500lx, as required by standards. The building had to meet LEED Silver certification requirements, so we needed to cut the power consumption of office lighting to 12W/m2. This was possible by using optical grating lighting with 88% efficiency.

Shop spaces measuring a total of 8,500 m2, each lit according to the wishes of the tenant.

Outdoor lighting highly resistant to dust and moisture.

We design, compute and draw.

We work from your project documentation. Our technician sits down with you to select lighting for every space that will meet your requirements, and is responsible for ensuring the installation meets technical standards. He knows everything about lighting intensity and suitable colors of emitted light and will be happy to share this information with you.

For an office? So you’ll want 500 lux and cool white. For a workshop? Well then you’ll need dustproof fixtures, and we’ll need to know the installation height, what exactly you make there and how many hours a day.

If necessary, we’ll travel to the installation and measure to make sure lighting meets specifications.

We save energy and cut your costs

We minimize energy consumption and in turn, your costs. We present several options for our clients to choose from. Designs take into account not only purchase costs and energy, but also costs for maintenance and emergency system inspections.

In the daytime all the lights are on, at night they light up when activated by motion sensors, only when someone is working in the store. The system also measures hours of operation, so we know the exact energy consumption for every day.

LED lamps consume 38 % less energy than classic bulbs. Thanks to the energy savings, investment costs were returned in 3 years.

We choose cool white light (4000K, CRI90), so as not to distort the color of displayed goods.

The space is lit to 300 lux, the lighting intensity automatically changes depending on time of day. Each of the dozens of fixtures can also be turned off, on or dimmed remotely as needed.