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“We've been in business for twelve years. We started around a single table and today we're among the very best in the Czech Republic. How did we get there?”

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If we could name just one thing we are really good at, it would be the office lighting. That’s our domain: cool white light, intensity in line with technical norms, brightness kept even on all desks, fittings typically equipped with polished louvre or micro prism. And design suitable with the modern plain architecture of administrative buildings – quadrangular shapes, raw aluminium finish and steel wires.

Light&Building. Europe’s biggest fair of luminaires and lighting systems. We exhibited our latest pieces as well as older and time-proven ones. This year we exhibit there too.

LED modules are taking the lead over fluorescent lamps step by step. We used to offer them mostly to high-end customers, but in the last few years they have become the mainstream. LED modules for our own luminaires are manufactured in house.

Five minutes of fame in the backstage of Enterprise of the Year Award.

Rectangular shape and polished louvre – you probably have something very similar at work, don’t you? Office lighting fixtures are one like another. Not because the designers lack fantasy, but because nothing better than aluminium polished louvre has been invented so far. The light rays get reflected almost as neatly as in a mirror, and then dispersed in space, so that you aren’t blinded when lifting your sight.

Diffusers are cut by a laser with millimetre accuracy.

The panel bender is one of the latest gains in our production site in Brno. It bends aluminium or steel sheet as if it were a cartoon box. Substantial part of our machinery has been obtained with the help of EU-subsidies.

A collection of original asymmetric luminaires designed by Jana Hejdová. They come in different types of size and glass decoration plus a specific type manufactured by blowing glass into a prefabricated wire corpus. The light is directed towards the edges of the lamp and highlights the decoration of the inner structures of the glass. The dispersed light evokes delicate and dreamy atmosphere of a misty forest.

Our clients

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