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Original asymmetric luminaires Ellves


A collection of original asymmetric lights made of Czech glass are the result of collaboration between experienced HORMEN lighting producers and designer Jana Hejdová. These lights combine precise craft production and simple efficient design. This collection of floor lamps and suspended and surface-mounted luminaires include three different variants of glass shape. They also come in different types of size and glass decoration. Sheet bases with power sources are available in two colour variations. We  also stock a very specific variant by blowing free blown glass into a prefabricated wire corpus.

Using modern LED technology, light is directed towards the edges of the lamp and highlights the decoration of the inner structures of the hand-blown glass. The scattered light evokes the delicate and dreamy atmosphere of a misty forest into the space. 

The light is suitable as a complementary or decorative element for living rooms, reception areas, foyers, lobbies, hotels, restaurants as well as for outdoor spaces and gardens. 

The look of the luminaire is up to you - pick the right combination of glass, base and light colour and create a your own lighting  gem. 

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