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Quadrio is one of the rather complex buildings that we have worked on. It comprises of 16 400m2 office space, 19 luxurious flats and a shopping mall with an area of 8,500 m2, all of which is connected into a system of remote administration (KNX bus system) and must comply with strict energy efficiency rules.

In case of illumination the lighting equipped with ballasts operating on the DALI protocol can be remotely controlled. It is possible to dim the lights remotely or turn them off entirely, thereby efficiently controlling the electricity consumption. This is all either in full automatic mode or through manual input. Moreover much of Quadrio´s space is fitted with motion sensors. Thus lighting is only used in the spaces and intervals of time that are truly necessary, otherwise the lights are off. The savings of electrical energy achieved using this switching range from 25–45 % depending on the type of the space and its use.

In order to fulfil requirements of energy certificate LEED Silver we strived to cut energy consumption if the office spaces to the lowest possible level (12 W/m2), while maintaining the light intensity of 500lx, which is the standard for office spaces. Apart from the technical requirements we aimed for an optimal visual style of the building when seen from outside, thereby opting for luminaires with unified design.

Having tested several options we finally picked one of our own products, pendant linear luminaire with fluorescent lamps. The fixtures are made of anodized aluminium profile with optical louvre and 88 % efficiency. The lights were tailor-made to respect the modular grid of the ceilings and cooling systems, but they are made with our standard technology in production plant in Brno. That allows us to supply them in large quantities even in strict deadlines. Several months after mounting may be too early for an appraisal, but so far so good. Our technicians are visiting Quadrio for shopping purposes only.

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